Friday, April 9, 2010

Newspaper publishers feeling optimistic

A newspaper broker that acts as an intermediary in the buying and selling of newspapers conducts regular surveys of newspaper publishers to gauge their optimism of the near future.

Based on the early results of the latest survey, things are looking up. Last time I checked (UPDATED 4/11/10), of the 146 respondents:

94 percent said their local economy was either improving or staying about the same.

69 percent expected 2011 profits to be better than those for 2010. Only 4 percent expected them to be worse.

40 percent said their bottom line will be better in the future than it was before the downtown, while 36 percent said it would be worse (count me in that latter category).

71 percent said ad revenues will be up in 2011.

Particularly lately, we've been notoriously and reliably wrong in our predictions, but it's a good sign that most of us are increasingly optimistic.

I'll update the results as they continue to come in.

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