Sunday, September 12, 2010

HuffPo update: A snapshot

Arianna Huffington thinks newspapers have no future but web sites like hers do. If this is true, pardon my coarse language, we're screwed.

Three of today's top five stories on Huffington Post feature the delightful Ms. Huffington on various TV shows. On the other hand, today's five most popular posts on HuffPo are (drum roll please):

1. Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves. OK, this one's legit and actually important. The media has overplayed the Quran burning story. However ...

2. Sheyla Hershey Has World's Biggest Breasts Removed (VIDEO). With video!

3. Teri Hatcher Shows Off Triathlon Prep (PHOTOS). I looked at this one myself, several times (because it has PHOTOS!). Teri Hatcher is TOTALLY cute and has big, um, well, breasts, and tiny little coltish legs. Busted (pun TOTALLY intended.)

4. Are You An Empath? (VIDEO). Apparently I'm not, because I haven't a clue what this one is about. I probably should read it to see if I am.

5. Claire Calzonetti The 11 Funniest Tweets By Dictators. I'm confused by this one, because everyone knows that dictators are a hoot ...

The people behind HuffPo are very clever. Most of the material is "aggregated" (stolen) from other places. There's no, repeat, no, original journalism. There is a big slate of celebrity bloggers who do it for the publicity (my take, not necessarily provable fact), plus some serious bloggers who Huffington proudly notes are unpaid. I go to HuffPo often because it's entertaining and slightly naughty.

Journalism it ain't.

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